TOSHIBA PA3826U-1BRS adapter, 新加坡TOSHIBA PA3826U-1BRS 笔电适配器,笔电变压器网上订购
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TOSHIBA PA3826U-1BRS Adapter, 20V 2.25A Adapter for PA3826U-1BRS

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TOSHIBA PA3826U-1BRS电源适配器详情:

购买此款 TOSHIBA PA3826U-1BRS AC Adapter (20 V 2.25A )请确认您的原厂电源适配器的输出电压,输出电流和输出接口规格与此款一致

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  • 输出电流:
  • 输出功率:
  • 接口参数:
  • 接口说明e:
  • 运费:
  • HP20V2.25A45W-Type-C
  • 20 V
  • 2.25 A
  • 45 W
  • mm
  • S$3.98每个订单

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